Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ready for Brasil

This year I did NOT make it to CARNAVAL! I was very upset and I still am. This might be the reason why I am writing about it... I should be studying, but no, my ass prefers to POST!ha

Custódio Coimbra

Every time I see pictures of Rio my heart melts. I mean what is there not love, right? I am going there this summer to do a famous swim suit companies look-book and I am excited! I wish I could speak Portuguese perfectly, but don't be fooled.... I am not bad either! I just got details of everyone that I will be working with and it seems like it will be a great team! The fashion there is fun, vibrant, and flamboyant.... makes me HAPPY!

I hope I see a lot of sun bathing and hot people.... wait
I know I will, ha!

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