Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chunks of Jewelry (Erin Wasson)

Erin and I

Currently obsessed with a trend… Wearing many bracelets. This can be seen on many celebrities and fashionistas from all over. Do not be afraid to mix the metals and create your own look. There are many places to buy some bracelets, chains and cuffs. I recently purchased a cuff from Tiffany and co. to add to my collection and it is subtle, but effective. Remember it is good to buy some from different stores… mix and match.

I recently attended Erin Wasson's Low Luv trunk show @ V.O.D. and it was quite an experience because this supermodel is killer. She is a goddess wearing the most insane jewelry that she designs and then some. She is the reason I wrote this blog because talk about multiple bracelets and loving it. She had mixed metal, thread, and leather bracelets on and owning it. Check out the pictures and you be the judge

Greg Wolf is also an amazing jewelry designer who has been promoting this look for the longest time. Take some time to go check out his incredible work. The metals are insane and we all need at least one of his pieces in our lives.

Some of my favorite peeps doing this are Mao Padilha from, LiLo, Olsen twins, and Erin Wasson